Our Original Beetroot Ketchup wins 2 Gold stars in 2017 Great Taste Awards!

The Foraging Fox Original Beetroot Ketchup has achieved two stars at the Great Taste Awards – the only ketchup to receive this accolade in 2017.

The judges root for purple ketchup

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, awards their highly sought after stars as a glowing seal of approval. This recognition is a trustworthy sign for consumers looking for top quality food and drink products to pop in their basket. More than 500 judges working in small teams, blind tasted over 12,000 products. The results are in – and The Foraging Fox’s orginal beetroot ketchup has left the judges asking: “What’s not to like about this beauty?” The Foraging Fox then adds to this stamp of great taste, with all of its other attributes; gluten free, allergen free, vegan and vegetarian.

The Foraging Fox Original Beetroot Ketchup

Original Beetroot Ketchup – “This has a beautiful bright and rich purple colour, and an inviting aroma. It hits the mark on flavour: very well balanced and not too acidic… We think this is lovely and an innovative idea. Great with a burger! A proper ketchup.”

And the positive comments continue…

“A lovely colour. There’s a natural earthiness overlying an acetic back note. Fresh beetroot notes and hints

of spice complete the flavour palate. Knowing when to stop is a real skill.”