Our Range

The Fox Factor

No refined sugars and BIG on taste, each of our foxy sauces are carefully crafted with all natural ingredients, in bold and exciting flavours to elevate the everyday into EXTRAORDINARY! 

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Our Salsas

Say ‘hello’ to our brand new range of all naturally delicious SALSAS.  With flavour and fun at the heart of each of our recipes,  our salsas are all about bold and exciting taste without any refined sugars. The perfect partner to enchiladas, tacos, burritos or just a classic tortilla chip! 

Our Ketchups

Our multi-award winning all natural beetroot ketchups are a foxy twist on a family favourite, naturally sweet with fewer ingredients and containing no artificial additives. 

Our Mayos

Our all-natural Mayos are made with British free range eggs. With no added sugar or artificial preservatives, our mayos are 100% natural and come in foxy fun flavours that will have you singing ‘MAY-OHHHHHH!’

Food Service

Meet our ‘Bears’, our full range of all natural craft condiments in a 2.4kg catering pack. From Front of House to Back of House, we’ve got you covered with the same saucy range that you can now enjoy by the pump, with a squeeze or in a dish.

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