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At the Foraging Fox we are committed to crafting new and exciting recipes and using only the best ingredients to create unrivalled flavours.

Innovation and adventure is at the heart of each one of our recipes and award winning range;  from ketchups to free range flavoured mayos and now the UK’s first keto friendly salsas! 

So join us and grab a jar (or three) and discover better as we bring new experiences and tastes to your plate and elevate the everyday into extraordinary. 

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Our Salsas

Our brand new range of delicious and tangy SALSAS will be in stores soon. Four bold, new recipes, made using only natural ingredients and cutting out refined sugars, we’ve put taste at the heart of each recipe and we can’t wait to share these with you!

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Our Ketchups

Refined sugar free and with half the sugar and less than half the salt of the regular red stuff our ketchups are all-naturally delicious! 

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Our Mayos

Our all natural mayonnaise range is made with British free range eggs, fewer ingredients, no added sugar and with foxy flavours that will have you singing MAY-ohhhhhh!

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Food Service

Meet our ‘Bears’, our range of all natural and craft condiments in a 2.4kg catering pack. From Front of House to Back of House, we’ve got you covered with the same saucy range that you can now enjoy by the pump, with a squeeze or in a dish.

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