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About Us

Our Story

The Foraging-Fox was co-founded by Desiree Parker and Frankie Fox in 2015.

Follow our Fox tale below to find out how we turned a bumper crop of beetroot and apples one year into our range of international award winning condiments!

Our name was inspired by and in memory of Frankie’s father, Roland Fox, a plant and mushroom expert and the original Foraging Fox. Frankie’s childhood was an idyllic one, growing, identifying and foraging plants with Dad and Mum and learning to cook these foraged finds at home.

The Original Foraging Fox
You don’t waste good food, you get creative with it!

Our award winning Beetroot Ketchup recipes started as just one more adventurous kitchen project in the Fox household when Frankie left the city to spend more time in the country with her children.

They started by finding and growing things in their own garden and in the process, exploring ways to preserve their produce. Looking for a way to use a bumper crop of beetroot and apples one year, Frankie and her children developed a recipe that was soon a hit with everyone.

Frankie went over to see what her good friend, Desiree, had to say. After just one taste, Desiree jumped at the chance to join Frankie at their very first trade show in London with nothing more than a small fold out table and 20 bottles of homemade ketchup.

Leaving that show with a long list of potential stockists across the UK and overseas, the pair quickly realised that beets were big business and in 2015 The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchups left the Fox family kitchen for their first major production.

Are you Foxy, Hot or Smokin’?

The foxes started to grow in popularity as more and more people opted in for their bright purple hue.

By the end of 2016 our ketchups could be found online and in speciality stores across the UK. By 2018 they had made their supermarket debuts in the UK, Germany, Holland, Canada and the United States.

In the same year, we created our own foxy twist to another family favourite and launched our all natural, flavoured Mayos using British free range eggs...

Dotty & Topaz approved

From kitchen table to an international sensation, The Foraging Fox continues to win accolades from critics, journalists, mums, dads and kids the world over and we hope you enjoy every mouthful!

Meet the Team

Desirée Parker
CEO & Co-Founder

"There’s one for each day of the week … handy in my household!"

Cam Maclachlan
Business Development

"They all #FoxItUp!"

Khushal Joshi

"All of our ketchups - they can't be beet!"

Neill Sullivan
Retail Account Management

"Always Original"

Frankie Fox

"I love all my cubs equally…"

Marc Akoury
Operations & Commercial

"Avocado and Lemon - that combo hits the spot every time!"

James Manvers
Food Service Account Management

"Coconut, Chilli & Lime - I eat it all the time!"

Li-Mei Russell
Brand & Marketing

"Definitely a Smokin' Fox fan!"