About Us


Our story began in 2015 with a homegrown vegetable patch and a heap of apples and beetroot that would have otherwise gone to waste. Instead of throwing these away we threw in our creativity and cooked up a brand new concept … an all natural ketchup made of beetroot and sweetened with apples! Turns out we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a good idea and before long our beetroot  ketchups went from a fold out table at a London trade show to being enjoyed in homes across the country and across the world, in the USA!

But what started as a happy chance soon led to a mission. A mission to make food more exciting, healthier and delicious! Bored of bland, we have made it our goal to bring something new to the table and today our range includes tomato ketchups, beetroot ketchups, flavoured mayonnaise, brown sauce, sriracha and much more to come!

We know that the world over, people are looking for better … food that is made better, food that has been carefully crafted and lovingly honed so you can enjoy all the taste knowing that it is GOOD for you (and the little ones too).

As a mother of two, my promise to you is that everything we make would be something I would share with my own children (may be not the sriracha …) I say that knowing of course that we all have our firm favourites and can’t always be persuaded … but I want to bring our eating experiences back to the heroes on the plate – our ingredients – and to show how food can help us rediscover our sense of fun and adventure!

We’re inspired by wild and wacky ingredients, mixes that you’d think would never work but then to your joy and rapture become your new favourite flavour!  That’s our  promise to you.  To keep exploring with fresh and unforgettable tastes, to  maintain our  commitment to  adventures in food and to do this only using the best quality, better for you ingredients, without cutting corners.

Love, Desiree & Team Fox
Foraging Fox

Meet the Team

Desirée Parker
CEO & Co-Founder

"There’s one for each day of the week … handy in my household!"

Jack Howie-Clarke
Operations & Commercial

"Spiced Turmeric for sure - makes a banging coronation chicken every time!"

James Manvers
Food Service Account Management

"Coconut, Chilli & Lime - I eat it all the time!"

Amy Plumb
Brand & Marketing

"Smokey chipotle salsa is the one!"

Mark Hodgkinson
Innovation & Product Manager

"If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can get lost in the sauce..."

Harry Badh
Finance Manager

"Heaven is Spiced Turmeric Mayo on a Chicken Kebab Roll"

Robert Hicks

"I can’t decide, I love them all... I eat them all!"

Alexandra Charlier

"Anything spicy tickles my tastebuds!"