Mexican inspired crunchy cornflake cauli burger

Recipes 08/07/2024

Discover our Mexican-inspired Crunchy Cornflake Cauli Burger recipe—crispy, flavorful, and perfect for a healthy, delicious twist on burger night!

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Cheesy upside down taco puffs

Recipes 26/05/2024

Experience our Cheesy Upside-Down Taco Puffs Recipe: a delicious blend of savory taco flavors, gooey cheese, and a fun, flaky crust!

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Easter Lamb Salad

Recipes 29/03/2024

Celebrate Easter with our refreshing Lamb Salad: tender lamb, fresh greens, and vibrant veggies, perfectly dressed for a feast!

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Hot Honey Chicken Parm

Recipes 10/02/2024

Hot Honey Chicken Parm recipe, perfect for valentines!

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Recipes 08/02/2024

Sweetcorn Fritters paired with Smoky salsa—a crispy, sweetcorn-filled delight bursting with summer freshness.

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Shaved brussel sprouts with bacon, garlic and a champagne deglaze

Recipes 08/12/2023

Festive Recipe! Shaved brussel sprouts with bacon, garlic and a champagne deglaze.

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Steak Sandwich With Smoked Jalapeño Mayo Recipe

Recipes 10/11/2023

Delicious Steak Sandwich With Smoked Jalapeño Mayo.

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Mexican Bean Salad

Recipes 23/06/2023

Easy Mexican Black Bean Salad, a great summer side!

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Doner Kebab air fryer Recipe

Recipes 21/02/2023

This Doner kebab Fakeaway is easy, healthy and quick. Made using an air fryer it tastes amazing!

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Dip Dip Hooray – Feast your eyes on our home kitchen delights made with our Spicy Turmeric Mayo!

Recipes 14/05/2020

On the hunt for more healthy recipes to Fox It Up in your home kitchen? Look no further. Our Spicy Turmeric Mayo is the delightful addition to family meal time that you have been waiting for!

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Asian Fishcakes with The Foraging Fox Coconut, Chilli & Lime Mayo

Recipes 18/11/2019

For an exotic dish that the whole family will love,  try our asian fishcakes dipped in our coconut, chilli and lime mayo!

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Prawn Tacos with Avocado & Lemon Mayo

Recipes 19/08/2019

These prawn tacos drizzled with The Foraging Fox Avocado & Lemon Mayo, gives a fun twist to a family favourite, combining the silky creaminess of our avocado and lemon mayo with finely spiced prawns and a crunchy taco shell.

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The Foxy Potato Salad with Avocado & Lemon Mayo

Recipes 12/08/2019

Move over roasties there’s a new way to Fox It Up this summer with this Foxy and creamy potato salad…

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