How can we help you?

From delivery deets to allergens, we’ve got all you need to know and if there’s something else you’re looking after, please reach out to us at hello@foragingfox.com and one of the team will get back to you! 

What is your delivery charge / service? 

Our minimum order quantity is £10. We have free delivery on all orders over £20, UK wide and for all orders below this we charge £4.99 for our premium courier fee including 100% plastic free, sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging. 


What about returns and refunds

We do not offer returns and refunds for change of mind purchases, but if you are at all unhappy with the products you receive, please email the team at operations@foragingfox.com and we can get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.


What spices do you use? Is your ketchup nightshade free?

All of our ketchups are 100% tomato free.

Our Original Beetroot Ketchup has no ingredients that are “capsicum” based or of the nightshade family.

‘A very tasty ‘ketchup’ with naturally tomato/nightshade-free ingredients.’ ‘A really useful store cupboard staple, main ingredients beetroot and apple, and low in sugar”

Free From Awards 2015 – Original Beetroot Ketchup

The Hot Beetroot Ketchup includes Chilli powder so the spices will include a very small element of chilli in the spices.

The Smoked Beetroot Ketchup may contain trace elements of chilli too.

Our special spice mix is a trade secret but should you require more information whether it contains specific spices please send over your queries to info@foragingfox.com and we will come back to you!

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source the very best quality ingredients for all our products and try and source as fresh and local as possible wherever we can. We are proud as punch to tell you that our main ingredients of beetroot, apples, free range eggs and rapeseed oil are all sourced from British suppliers.

Where are your sauces made?

We are very proud to say that all our products are made with traditional methods in small batches here in the UK.

Are your jars/bottles recyclable?

Absolutely!  Please rinse out recycle or even better upcyle – and use our old jars and bottles for your own condiment creations! Email us at info@foragingfox.com or tag us @theforagingfox with your upcyling ideas for our bottles and jars for a chance to win a Fox Box and feature on our page!

We are all trying to do our bit for the environment and we have reduced plastic from our supply chain where we can too so our retail products are all now plastic free on shelf!

Do any of your products contain refined sugar?

No – our ketchups rely mainly of the sugars that occur naturally in beetroot and apples and contain a small amount of unrefined brown sugar to help with preservation.  They are all less than 50% lower in sugar than regular tomato ketchups.

Our mayos contain no added sugar at all!

Still have a question for us? Drop us a message info@theforagingfox.com and one one of the Fox team will get back to you!