WHAT IT MEANS TO BE KETO CERTIFIED – An inside view on working with The Paleo Foundation for the FIRST time!

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The Foraging Fox worked with the Paleo foundation in California to become the first ever set of salsas to be keto-certified in the UK.So many of you ask what does this mean for you?  

CERTAINTY for those of you watching your carb intake.

What are these diets?  Here is our nutrition-led review:

KETO: This diet largely restricts almost all carb intake to allow for the body to go into fat burning by using our natural fat stores as energy.   This diet is commonly used for weight loss and lowering insulin levels. 

PALEO: This diet restricts the use of grains, legumes, and dairy, focussing on meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.  The benefits are heart health, lowering inflammation in the body and aiding weight loss by excluding processed foods. 

KETO SALSAS This is your new go to keto choice for all your healthy snacks and meals.  WE are Keto certified and naturally Paleo. Our salsas are oven roasted with fresh ingredients, no hidden sugar, or preservatives.  Check out our recipes on Instagram and Tik Tok

*ALL our salsas are naturally low in sugar, low in carbs, vegan, non-gmo and preservative free.