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Tuna and Potato Fishcakes with Avo & Lemon Mayo!

Superboost your snack time with @kasiasplates Tuna and Potato Fishcakes. Drizzle, dip and dazzle with our fresh and zesty Avo and Lemon Mayo! #MmmmmFoxy⁠

Ingredients (for the patty):⁠
• 2x tuna tins⁠
• 1 large mash potato with a splash of milk (or leftover mash)⁠
• Salt and pepper to taste⁠
• 1 tbsp lemon juice⁠
• 1 tbsp all purpose flour⁠
• 1 egg⁠

For coating (you will need two plates and a bowl):⁠
• Breadcrumbs on plate⁠
• Flour on plate⁠
• Egg in bowl⁠

1) Mix all the patty ingredients together in one bowl until fully combined⁠
2) Mould into patties by taking two large spoonfuls of mix (this should make about 6)⁠
3) Dip the patties in flour (fully coating)⁠
4) Dip the floured patty in egg⁠
5) Now coat the patty in breadcrumbs until fully covered⁠
6) Set patties on a lined baking tray ready for cooking⁠
7) Bake in a pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes (until golden) at 200°C⁠
8) Remove from the baking tray and serve with @theforagingfox avocado & lemon mayo!